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Having already done our Non-MCU Marvel list and with the release of Blue Beetle this month, we figured what better time for the Bitesize crew to put their brains together to compile Bitesize Breakdown's consensus Top Five DC Films/Series. This list only includes DC branded releases. Imprints such as Vertigo were deemed ineligible.

Each writer ranks his or her top 15 releases in the category. Those lists are then weighted on a reverse point system. After all the points are tallied up, the entries with the most total points make up the Bitesize Top Five.

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It can't be overstated just how vital to the health of the superhero genre Batman Begins truly was at the time of its release. That it remains as fine an example as any of how to do an origin story nearly two decades later is both a testament to its quality and a reconstitution of the achievement of director Christopher Nolan. From its vision of Gotham City to its reimagining of the title character, it still exists as one of the greatest superhero films ever made. - Jacob

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4. BATMAN (1989)

When I was growing up, superheroes didn't dominate cinema the way they do now. So, when Michael Keaton donned the cowl to become Batman, matched up against Jack Nicholson's unhinged Joker, I was enamoured. Featuring the perfect marriage of director Tim Burton's horror sensibilities (which were expanded on even more in the sequel Batman Returns) and its two dynamic lead performances, this film is the catalyst for everything we've come to love in the genre today. As for how it holds up nowadays? It's no coincidence Warner Bros. brought Keaton back as the Caped Crusader over 30 years later. - Nick

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I like my comic book movies gritty, and director James Gunn gave me that with 2021's The Suicide Squad while also mixing in the perfect balance of playfulness. He did a fantastic job of assembling some of DC’s most unknown criminals into an exhilarating team of antiheroes that we have now come to love (I’m talking about you, King Shark (voiced by Sylvester Stallone) and Peacemaker (John Cena)). Compared to 2016’s Suicide Squad, this flick is filled with A LOT more humor, heart, and, of course, violence… just loads of bloody violence. It’s also oddly sincere. We need more R-rated superhero films like this! - Paige

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“When that light hits the sky, it’s not just a call. It’s a warning.” The Batman gives the world’s greatest detective the film he deserves in a gritty, intense, and fascinating noir film. Director Matt Reeves’ iteration of the character is dark (but not in a cold way) as the film takes its time to develop Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) in a way not seen before on the big screen. Not to mention, with Michael Giacchino’s beyond-catchy score and Greig Fraser’s astounding cinematography, The Batman is a comic book film for the ages. - Adriano

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There are many reasons that Bruce Wayne is running rampant up and down this whole damn list, and The Dark Knight is reason number one. Literally. There was no other choice here (except maybe a miniseries that gave many Americans much needed history lessons). The magnitude in which Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Christopher Nolan, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard (those last two are composers, people), and even Michael Jai White deliver has been spoken upon thousands of times before, and we all know why. This movie is damn near a masterpiece top to bottom, not just one masterful performance. You all knew this was gonna be here while scrolling down this particular Top Five, so don’t act surprised. - Amarú



Photo Credits: Warner Bros.

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