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September 7, 2022


With The Ultimate Disney Fan Event, the D23 Expo, taking place this weekend, there has been a lot of speculation that Marvel Studios will finally announce the cast for the MCU's highly anticipated Fantastic Four film (releasing Nov. 8, 2024). Before that happens, we decided to have each writer Fantasy Cast their own Fantastic Four. The only rule was that the actors chosen couldn’t have been in any previous MCU films.

Let’s see if any our picks make the final cut this weekend!

William Jackson Harper - Reed Richards

Lily James - Sue Storm

Glenn Powell - Johnny Storm

Alan Ritchson - Ben Grimm

We have now been through three movies and two iterations of the Fantastic Four since 2005, and while some stars have emerged from these at-the-time up-and-coming actors (Chris Evans, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller), we have yet to get a cohesive group that allows the story to build momentum off of their dynamic. So, when making my fan cast, I not only wanted to have actors who truly fit their roles (I mean, Alan Ritchson’s depiction of Raphael in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is basically The Thing), but I also wanted it to feel like these characters really KNEW each other and encapsulated their relationships. Johnny and Ben really need to piss each other off. Sue and Reed should pull Paula Abdul-levels of opposites attract. Ben should be a permanent fixture at Reed’s back. Sue has to put Johnny in his place. These four actors seem perfect for their individual roles but can also make their costars' lights shine brighter. That’s what the MCU’s Fantastic Four needs to be, a sum that is greater than their fantastic individual parts. - Amarú


Dev Patel - Reed Richards

Britt Lower - Sue Storm

Mike Faist - Johnny Storm

Bill Skarsgård - Ben Grimm

Without much in the way of comic knowledge or background, the team I have assembled for the rebirth of the Fantastic Four comes not from wish fulfilment or in-depth personal passions, but from my own experiences as a movie lover and critic for the past ten years. In my eyes, one can always cast these roles as part of a singular project, but all MCU fans know by now that Kevin Feige likes to keep these guys around for a long time. To that end, these selections are not merely reflective of or inspired by where each actor has been, but where they have the potential to go. We’ll almost surely be with these actors for the long haul, so whether the team is youthful or aged, growth is of the essence. And I truly believe that the group of actors I’ve selected will not only grow as performers by embodying these characters, but also grow closer as a team through this journey. - Jacob


Penn Badgley - Reed Richards

Alicia Vikander - Sue Storm

Dacre Montgomery - Johnny Storm

O’Shea Jackson Jr. - Ben Grimm The MCU is set to deliver one of its biggest tentpole films to date with Marvel's First Family, Fantastic Four, in 2024. With rumors swirling and speculations popping up everywhere over the past few years, including my choice of Penn Badgley as Mr. Fantastic, we all need to put into perspective who would actually be the perfect fit for this team. Let’s be honest, this isn't the first time that a movie has been made with these characters where the casting looked good on paper, but we need choices that will solidify this iconic team. While not being a superhero guru, I do believe my choices score a Perfect 10 at bringing a certain nuance and classic feel to the big screen. Ultimately, the final decision will come from Kevin Feige, but I feel that he has earned our trust thus far. That said, Mr. Feige, if you ever need another casting director, call me because, damn, my choices are smoking hot. - Paige


Henry Cavill - Reed Richards

Kristen Bell - Sue Storm

John Boyega - Johnny Storm

Pablo Schrieber - Ben Grimm

I didn’t grow up a big comic guy, so, for better or worse, my Fantastic Four has largely been the Ioan Gruffudd-led team. That said, I expect Kevin Feige to reinvent and increase the importance of the MCU's edition. With the two leaders of the previous phases (Iron Man and Captain America) now departed, the stage is set for Reed Richards to step into that role and be a focal point moving forward. Over 29 films, the MCU has done its fair share of big-name casting (some great actors were lost to early and less significant roles), and they need to nail it with Reed in both scale and performance. This team is made to be a team. I think the chemistry between the four could be off the charts, finally giving the Fantastic Four the movie they deserve. - Nick


Justin Theroux - Reed Richards

Samara Weaving - Sue Storm

Taron Egerton - Johnny Storm

Ben Foster - Ben Grimm When it comes to dream casting, I’m always looking for actors who capture the complete essence of the characters being discussed. So, for Marvel’s First Family, that means using more than just Tim Story’s two mediocre movies from the early 2000s and Josh Trank’s 2015 disaster as reference points. I’m taking the comics, cartoons, movies, video games, action figures, and all that lore into account. Also, while I’m not opposed to race-swapping, my very simple brain will almost always cast people that look like the characters I’ve grown up with for 40 years, which is why I have the only all-white cast. Get mad at me for not embracing diversity if you want to, but it’s hard to argue with the team I came up with. - Quentin


Darren Criss - Reed Richards

Simone Ashley - Sue Storm

Avan Jogia - Johnny Storm

Gus Kenworthy - Ben Grimm I hoped to achieve something a little different with my list. Truth be told, the Fantastic Four has never interested me much, so I think the most exciting thing to do would be casting relative unknowns in hopes of making them household names while giving Marvel’s First Family a modern update. Considering their previous iterations, my primary concern was Sue and Johnny Storm. Sue has been woefully underused, while Chris Evans’ portrayal as Johnny still remains memorable. Because of that, I felt actors who were able to stand on their own and bring a different energy needed to be cast in those parts. The same goes for Reed Richards and Ben Grimm, but because I find both them both deeply uninteresting. This is why I think the MCU needs to swing for the fences to bring a young, unique, and diverse cast to shake things up. - Joseph


Jamie Dornan - Reed Richards

Evan Rachel Wood - Sue Storm

LaKeith Stanfield - Johnny Storm

Trevante Rhoades - Ben Grimm Past iterations of the Fantastic Four have been, how you say, not ideal. So, when assembling my dream team, I wanted to retain the good qualities of the early 2000s cast and nothing from Fant4stic. Some actors I chose because of their physical similarities, on top of just thinking that they would be a great fit. I also wanted to mix in potentially interesting interpretations, which made this exercise a lot more fun. Most importantly, when I put together this team, I wanted it to be actors that I can actually see in the role. I could have easily thought “Oh, I love Anya Taylor-Joy, so she should be Sue Storm,” but she just doesn’t feel right for the character. These are all actors I love but also can realistically see them in the role, wearing the iconic blue uniforms and nailing it. - Adriano

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