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December 20, 2023


For most people, movie trailers are a key driver for determining whether or not to see a movie, which, I mean… obviously, right? They give a great impression of a movie’s tone, story, characters, and performances. However, trailers are usually accompanied by posters, sometimes more than one. And while movie posters may not give the same type of insight into what a movie is hoping to deliver, they often can be timeless works of art that give off a certain vibe, featured on clothing and other merchandise, as well as covering the walls of art galleries and dorm rooms, around the world for years to come. I’d venture to guess most people don’t remember much about the trailers for The Silence of the Lambs, Scarface, or A Clockwork Orange, but the imagery on their respective posters is recognizable across multiple generations, even to people who have never seen the films.

With that in mind, Quentin and Nick wanted to look back at some of the best movie posters of 2023. What posters from this year best elicited a curiosity in the movies they were advertising? What posters best encapsulated what their movies were about? What posters might be hanging on someone’s wall in 20 years? What posters are just damn cool to look at?

To be clear, we are only talking about the quality of the poster, not the quality of the movie it represents. So, as such, we aren’t going to bore you with a write up about why we love and appreciate each poster. If you have questions, ask us on X (formerly known as Twitter) @bitesizebreak For now, we’re going to let the posters speak for themselves, just like the artists who created them intended. Also, despite some really amazing fan-made posters out there, we are only listing official marketing materials.

So, which one is your favorite?

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